Mobile Scaffolding

Leading mobile scaffolding companies in New Zealand

It is not only safe, but also compliant to use Metallink mobile scaffolding for construction, maintenance and industrial applications.

In addition to having large work platforms, our scaffolding is both rigid and stable, allowing workers to comfortably work and transport tools and materials. Using Metallink mobile scaffolding is compliant with the Guidelines for Working at Height.

All mobile scaffoldding in this range are supplied as a complete unit, including all the components needed to operate compliantly on New Zealand worksites. Alternatively, components can be replaced or a customised mobile scaffolding system can be installed.


Mobile Scaffold

For optimum strength, Metallink mobile scaffolding is made from the highest-grade aluminium. With perfectly-angled outriggers and a single person’s ability to assemble and dismantle the system in minutes, this is a reliable portable height access system.

Metallink’s heavy duty lockable castors make moving the unit around a worksite a breeze and keep it extremely stable.Do you have questions about our mobile scaffold options? Get in touch with us now to learn more about our mobile scaffold.

2in1mobile scaffolding

We can supply parts in small, medium or large volumes.

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