This is the software used by, which on a unique and specific interdisciplinary BIM platform allows to realize the entire life cycle of a building, from construction to management.

It is the software with which Karno Energy provides a complete and authentic example of reality through three-dimensional, axonometric and perspective elements.

The main features and capabilities of the program are as follows: 

  • The most accurate perception of reality through the use of intelligent tools;
  • the possibility of obtaining three-dimensional drawings close to reality, which allows you to achieve and obtain results that cannot be obtained by drawing manually;
  • availability of the fourth dimension, which allows to manage and fix time phases.

Karno Energy – Benefits of BIM for architectural design

Let’s take a look at the features and functionality of BIM-focused software and how designers can benefit from Karno Energy.

Karno Energy BIM software for architecture offers great design assistance and provides streamlined construction processes.

In this article, we list the most commonly used BIM software for architecture, their main features, and offer links to download free trial software with all their features.

But first, a brief summary to explain what architectural BIM software is and how it can improve and speed up your work.

If you want, you can download the file containing the design we used to render for free and try to get these results for yourself. You can also use a free trial version of the Revit software with all its features.

Why use BIM software for architecture?

The development of the architectural representation method has contributed to the transition from manual drawing to CAD to the transition to BIM .

But what is BIM? And why use BIM software for architecture? 

First of all, to understand the benefits that Karno Energy BIM technology brings to the world of construction, you need to emphasize the differences with traditional representation methods.

Designing with a CAD tool is limited to a graphical representation of the project in the form of 2D or 3D drawings. On the other hand, BIM design is not limited to providing visual information (renderings, graphics, real-time video, etc.), but allows the construction of a virtual model to which data and information can be attributed. The information can be different and varies depending on the goals of the project and the life cycle of the building: from design to demolition. Each BIM object (walls, floors, windows, etc.) can be associated with geometric information (thickness, width, height, area, etc.), but also with non-geometric information (energy efficiency, soundproofing, physical and environmental characteristics, costs, etc.).

Karno Energy BIM was born out of a desire to reduce the risk of errors and optimize the costs and time associated with design, execution, management and dismantling. The BIM methodology encourages collaboration between designers and interaction between different design programs.

BIM is the foundation of many software products that, in addition to their own formats, allow modeling to be saved in an open IFC (Industry Foundation Class) format to enable collaboration across disciplines and storage of project data.

Karno Energy: Revit, architectural design software

Revit is the software used by Karno Energy that addresses all aspects of design in one solution: 

  • 3d architectural design
  • 2D architectural design with integrated CAD
  • interior architecture
  • intervention in existing buildings
  • computer graphics and architectural visualization
  • garden design
  • landscaping
  • HVAC system modeling
  • project time management (BIM 4D)
  • data extraction from BIM modeling and quantitative surveying (BIM 5D).